Chinese Retailer Spotted Selling iPad Mini Cases

Apple is expected to take the wraps off its brand new iPad Mini — or whatever they’ll call it — in just a couple of days, but that hasn’t stopped Chinese retailer Everbuying from prematurely offering its own iPad Mini cases on its website. The retailer, tipped by iFans forum member Limadawg, offers over a dozen different hard and soft cases for the iPad Mini. The cases, should they be accurate, reveal some interesting design aspects of the iPad Mini.

For starters, the cases are just 1.1 cm in thickness, which means that an iPad Mini would likely be thinner than 1 cm when excluding the actual thickness of the case. Moreover, the cutouts on the cases reveal that the iPad Mini should have a Lightning connector, rear-facing camera, external speakers, rear-facing microphone and more. We have highlighted what we believe each opening in the cases represent below.

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