Comex is Finished at Apple, Plans to Focus on College Studies Instead of Jailbreaking Methods For iOS

After a roughly one year internship stint with Apple, infamous iPhone hacker Nicholas Allegra, better known by his online handle comex, is no longer employed by the Cupertino-based company. Allegra confirmed by tweet earlier today that he is no longer associated with Apple, the very same company that creates the iPhone and other iOS devices that he has reverse engineered in the past.

Allegra is responsible for the second and third iterations of the popular JailbreakMe tool, which allowed iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users on previous iOS versions to jailbreak their devices by simply directing a compatible device to the Safari web browser and tapping a button. According to Allegra, the reason why he is no longer with Apple is because he “forgot to reply to an email.” Andy Greenberg for Forbes elaborates:

When I followed up with Allegra in a phone call, he explained that the email he forgot to answer was an offer to continue his employment at Apple as a remote intern. At Apple, apparently, offer letters are taken rather seriously, and Allegra soon learned that his had been rescinded. “I wasn’t too happy about it, but it didn’t seem like I was able to fix it,” he says. “So that’s what it is.”

Allegra added that his departure from Apple was more complicated than just a forgotten email, and that “it wasn’t a bad ending,” but declined to say more. He also wouldn’t say what he worked on during his two internships at Apple–one in the fall of last year and one over the past summer–but he said he enjoyed his time in Cupertino.

Now that Allegra has departed from Apple, the 20-year-old from New York plans to focus on his college studies at Brown University. He insists that he did not sell himself out for money and does not envision himself working on any new iOS jailbreaking tools in the near future, adding that his previous employment with Apple would probably cause additional complications. Whatever he decides to do — which may or may not involve ponies — we wish Nicholas all the best in his future endeavours.

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