Android Activations Stall at 1.3 Million Per Day

During today’s conference call, Larry Page (Google’s CEO) stated that Android activations were still at 1.3 million per day – the same as what was announced earlier last month.

It’s hard to call this a failure, though: Android is currently on more than half a billion shipped devices, and 1.3 million are being added to that daily. A few factors may have contributed to this leveling of numbers, including the iPhone 5, and the potential that Android has hit an acceleration ceiling. Regardless, 1.3 million activations worldwide per day is still an impressive feat.

Android’s marketshare will likely fall slightly, given the refresh of Apple’s iDevices (particularly the iPhone 5) and the impending release of the iPad mini. Fall also typically represents a lull (if such a thing exists) in high profile Android devices, with the Nexus brand usually dominating the news cycle. While the Nexus models are popular amongst geeks, they are rarely marketed widely to general audiences and are only available on a limited basis, as compared to the mass rollouts of flagship devices such as the Galaxy S III and the One X.

[Android Central]

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