HTC Announces J Butterfly, Shipping December in Japan with 1080p Display

In the realm of display technology, Apple has long reigned supreme. From the retina display to the early use of the fantastic IPS panel, Apple’s mobile displays have been the best money could buy.

HTC seems determined to change that. Starting with the One X, HTC showed a renewed interest in creating the best quality display possible. By most accounts, the One X was the first device to equal the clarity, colors, and crispness of the iPhone 4 and 4S.

Fast forward eight months, and we have the J Butterfly. Odd name, amazing display and great internals – all shipping in Japan come December. The 1080p phone has long been rumored to be something that HTC was actively pursuing, and this seems to be but the first variant. Various HTC executives have promised to bring such a display to a mainstream, flagship device that ships worldwide, and not just in Japan.

Early reports of the display is that it is something to behold – the increased pixel density doesn’t make the largest difference, but the crisp, vibrant colors of the SuperLCD 3 panel do. However, while the specs are fantastic, the phone is not much more than a glorified One X, as the software is identical on either devices. Disappointing, though not entirely unpredictable. HTC’s current financial situation is less than stellar, even though their products are superior to that of the currently-thriving Samsung. Hopefully such a standout spec as this display will help improve their standings, though it seems that software, a weak spot HTC has historically had, is the most important factor in any product anymore.

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