Surface RT Pricing Revealed, Pre-Order It Now

After literally months of waiting, rumors, and misinformation, Microsoft has revealed the pricing for the Surface RT, its premier Windows RT device.

The pricing itself isn’t revolutionary; in fact, it’s quite predictable (and as such, boring). For $499, you will get a 32GB version of the tablet without the touch cover. For a hundred dollars more, you can get the same 32GB version, but with a touch cover. $699 will land one a 64GB tablet with a touch cover. The pricing is quite predictable, as well as competitive with the iPad 3. Keep in mind, however, that the RT tablet is in many ways inferior to the iPad 3, as it features a lower-resolution display than the “retina” panel found on Apple’s iPad 3.

The tablet can be pre-ordered here, and it should arrive to buyers on October 26th. The Verge has a great write-up, which features overseas pricing and where those not in the US can pre-order the tablet.

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