Remember Movies, Music, and Books with Recall for iPhone

Ever forget a movie that you were interested in seeing or buying, or perhaps a song or album that you wanted to purchase on launch day? We live in the future - such a thing should never happen!

Recall for iOS tries to ensure that it won’t. The app features a beautiful design, but its purpose is simple: by hooking in to various databases with relevant, up to date information on books, music, and videos, Recall allows you to search to add and track media that you’re interested in. Similar applications tend to be limited to only one type of media, so Recall is unique in that it’s comprehensive.

It works very well – just using it day to day, I’ve already found it useful for setting reminders and notifications for movies I’m interested in. The app is simple, but beautiful in its simplicity, and it works very well. The only hiccup is that Recall doesn’t (yet?) feature integration directly in to iTunes, so release dates are for DVD/BluRay only – not a huge issue, though somewhat disappointing, since the app is for iOS and integration directly into the iTunes Store would be handy.

Recall is available for $0.99 as an introductory price, though that won’t last long. The app is particularly useful for anyone who is interested in various forms of media, but also tends to completely forget when they are released. The beautiful design and ease of use combine with the decent integration to make the app something I can easily recommend.

[Recall - App Store]

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