iPhone and iPod Touch Are Nintendo 3DS, PlayStation Vita Killers

The most interesting thing about the App Store is that it turned the iPhone and iPod touch into leading handheld gaming devices. Apple didn’t even expect these devices to be used for gaming purposes when it released them over five years ago, although its App Store platform has been a formidable success with smash hits like Angry Birds, Doodle Jump, Tiny Wings and Minecraft: Pocket Edition. With more serious games like Infinity Blade pushing the iPhone and iPod touch to its limits, proving that mobile hardware can truly deliver, has the iPhone or iPod touch become your exclusive handheld gaming device?

After all, the iPhone or iPod touch is great for casual gaming and can be brought with you everywhere you go. Yes, there is the PlayStation Vita or the Nintendo 3DS, but those devices are bulkier and do not offer multipurpose functionality to the same extent an iPhone or iPod touch can provide. Moreover, the App Store has an insanely large collection of apps that exceeds over 700,000 different titles; while not all those apps are games, the App Store far outpaces the game selection for PlayStation Vita, Nintendo 3DS or other handheld game consoles.

Last, games on the iPhone or iPod touch are cheaper. Much cheaper. Cheaper priced games don’t always equate to high quality games, although many people purchasing video games are students or young adults, individuals who need to save every penny for education and the future. Spending fifty dollars on the latest Call of Duty for PS Vita isn’t always economical. What do you think?

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