iPhone 5 Surpasses Galaxy S III Web Usage in 18 Days

According to web-analytics firm Chitika, the iPhone 5 has surpassed the Galaxy S III in at least one important statistic. Their data says that the iPhone 5 has surpassed Samsung’s flagship device in terms of web usage. Astonishingly, it only took 18 days since the device was first released. The S III has been available to the public for roughly four months, and has sold well – for roughly two weeks, the Galaxy S III was outselling even the 4S (although those two weeks were the ones directly proceeding the announcement of ht iPhone 5).

While the iPhone 5 has been an incredible commercial success, it seems unlikely that the newest iPhone has sold as many units as a device which has been available for four months in only 18 days; Apple’s products are popular, but I’d imagine that there would be serious issues producing the device in that amount. Instead, it suggests something else entirely, which John Gruber of Daring Fireball put quite succinctly:

There are profound differences in how iPhone and Android owners use their devices.


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