New iPod touch Suffers From “Purple Haze” Issue to a Limited Extent

Apple’s latest and greatest iPod touch has been heralded as the best iPod yet – essentially, an iPhone without the phone (and that pesky cellular contract). In that light, this makes sense: the iPod touch’s camera, as shown by forum member Star Scream, seems to suffer from a similar issue as the iPhone 5′s camera does.

The iPhone 5′s camera system has been reported to have issues with a purple flare affecting images in which a bright light source is against a comparatively dark background. This issue has also been disputed: most smartphones are affected by the same problem, albeit to a more limited extend in many cases. Given the similarity between the iPhone 5 and the new iPod touch, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the iPod touch also exhibits this behavior.

Hit the read link to see the image which displays the “purple haze” issue, and be sure to post your own photos which exhibit this issue in the comments!

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