Top Samsung Chip Designer Hired by Apple

One of Samsung’s top chip designers has jumped ship to Apple. It’s been widely reported that Apple has been looking to beef up its chip design team, as they continue to release more and more sophisticated products and chip designs. Apple and Samsung have been engaged in a legal war for some time now, though it seems that this competition is now extending to them poaching talent from each other.

This particular employee is Jim Mergard – a former employee of AMD, where he helped to create some of the company’s most popular chips. After AMD moved out of the high-end market, Mergard moved to Samsung. And now, for reasons unknown, he has moved to Apple.

Interestingly, it doesn’t seem as if Mergard has any special amount of knowledge in terms of SoCs and ARM computing. Instead, his expertise is in the traditional PC side, or in Apple’s Mac lineup. It’s possible that Apple is planning some type of disruption in terms of the processors inside of their Macs. It seems highly unlikely that the Intel CPUs will be replaced, though it’s always possible; after all, this is Apple.

[The WSJ]

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