Creator of Tweetie Teases New App for iOS, Coming Soon

Loren Brichter has some of the best design chops in the technological space. Evidence of this exists in his multiple apps, including the original Tweetie app on both iOS and the Mac. In many ways, Brichter has created some of the most interesting UI paradigms in mobile today. His apps were so great that Twitter bought them, hired him, and then applied their custom marketing-makeup in order to make a once-great app look much less appealing.

Brichter left Twitter roughly a year ago, and it appears that he has been busy. Atebits, Brichter’s company, has (perhaps ironically) tweeted the following message: 

That tweet is a link to an image depicting the Apple Developer Connect portal, where developers are able to see what stage their app is in in the notorious review process.
After that image was sent out, @zachwaugh asked what platform it was for. The @Atebits account responded by stating that it was for iOS. There have been no rumors as to what this app might be – it could be anything, though I wouldn’t bet on another Twitter client. Still, Loren Brichter’s design talent means that whatever he releases, it will be noticed. The release should happen relatively soon, with early next week being the time period I’d put money on.
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