Creator of Instapaper Launches The Magazine: A New Periodical Designed Specifically for iOS

It’s no secret that I’m personally a big fan of Instapaper’s capabilities and design. Today, Marco Arment (creator of Instapaper, and co-founder of Tumblr) announces his next major application: The Magazine. In his words, The Magazine exists for the following reason:

The Magazine’s introductory article explains it in detail, but here’s the short version: the same way Build and Analyze is for developers but not always about development, The Magazine is for geeks like us and will often, but not always, be about technology.

Build and Analyze is Marco’s podcast, which he co-hosts with Dan Benjamin on the 5by5 network. This podcast, as he says, covers various topics: from his thoughts on currently development languages and text editors, to coffee and his personal driving preferences. So far, The Magazine looks to be a particularly well-designed app, and the current issue does have some notable names writing for it. Each issue, published every two weeks, contains only four long-form articles. The Magazine does away with the traditional media-centric layout that previous iOS apps have strived to achieve, and instead focuses on the text and a few select images, perfectly formatted for each device – similar to what Instapaper does for web articles.

The Magazine may be a huge failure, though it is interesting to watch apps such as this experiment with the current payment model authors and journalists receive in return for their work. The app is available for free for seven days, but then jumps to $1.99 a month.

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