Homemade accessories

Over the months, many of our users have designed homemade accessories for the iPod touch and iPhone. Some are sophisticated while others are simple, but they all have their own homemade creativity that no company could possibly match. Below is a look back at some of the more interesting accessories designed by our community – with an opportunity to create your own.

LEGO iPod dockdesigned by crimsondynamo329


Making use of his old LEGO blocks, crimsondynamo329 designed a free iPod dock made (almost) entirely of these tiny blocks.

The dock features an internal speaker with an on/off switch (a lego block). When you turn the speaker on, a green LED light lights up to indicate it is turned on. Vice versa, it is unlit when the speaker is off.

An iPod touch, 1st or 2nd gen, fits firmly on the dock. It sits on a dock connector on the end of a regular iPod sync cable. The sync cable runs through the dock and out the back – where it can be plugged into a MacBook or other USB port. Next to the dock connector, a headphone connector is provided to plug into a 3.5mm headphone jack (on the iPod). This utilizes the internal speaker inside of the LEGO dock!

A 9V battery, located inside the dock, is the power source for the LED light.

A full set of pictures is provided in the original thread, where you can view the inside and outside of the dock.

Homemade Stylusdesigned by Ghosn

stylusAn effective, good looking stylus for your iPod touch or iPhone that is simple to make. Starting with a pencil, it is covered in 1 or 2 coats of aluminum foil – tightly wrapped around the pencil with any excess removed. The stylus is then covered in electrical tape to ensure that the aluminum foil remains on the pencil. As simple as it sounds, those are the only steps required to create your very own stylus.

Since your skin is conductive with the aluminum foil, the stylus is able to work with the iPod’s screen. To prevent scratching your screen it is recommended that you take a high grit sandpaper and sand down the aluminum ends of the stylus. iPod touch Fans will take no responsibility for damage to your device as a result of this information. The stylus shown above is the V2 model.

You can view both versions of the stylus and full pictures in the original thread.

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