Office for iOS Release Date Unofficially Leaked by Microsoft

Microsoft Office for iOS has been in the works for some time, though it was rumored that Microsoft put an internal hold on the product in order to wait for Windows 8 to ship. As Windows 8 will be shipping soon (it’s already hit RTM), it seems that Microsoft is now looking ahead to when the iOS version will be launched.

According Microsoft Product Manager Peter Bobek, speaking at a Czech Republic Microsoft developer event, accidently revealed that Microsoft was pushing to release the product during or after March of 2013 – effectively giving Microsoft’s own Windows 8 a good half-year to begin to gain traction. Windows 8 RT, which will primarily ship on tablets, will feature Microsoft Office already installed on the devices. Microsoft is likely hoping that their influence in the productivity market will help to kickstart the rest of the Windows 8 platform.

This date has already been disputed by various Microsofters on Twitter, though it seems clear that the original statement made by Bobek was accurate, and Microsoft is just trying to do some damage control. Still, do you miss Microsoft’s Office solution on your iPhone or iPad? Or have you moved on, perhaps even to Apple’s in-house iWork suite?


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