EarPods For New iPod Touch Lack Remote and Mic

EarPods For New iPod Touch Lack Remote and Mic

The fifth-generation iPod touch might resemble the iPhone more than ever before, however Apple still took some shortcuts in some areas.

Steven Sande for TUAW writes:

If you’re one of the many people who has picked up a new fifth-generation iPod touch recently, you probably noticed one little change to the EarPods that came with it — they don’t have the same inline remote with microphone that comes with the iPhone 5.

I have always appreciated the convenience of controlling my iPhone music volume by using the remote on the earphones, so this is a disappointing situation for new iPod touch owners.

Apple does sell EarPods with Remote and Mic for $29 online and in stores for those that are willing to make the upgrade. The new iPod touch does have a built-in microphone, although adjusting the volume without using the inline remote requires using the volume rocker on the side of the device.

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