Developers Warned Apple About iOS Maps

Apple has been very transparent about the problems that exist with its new iOS mapping solution, although it does appear that the company was caught off guard with regards to just how much criticism the new Maps app received. As noted by CNET, however, registered developers provided Apple with plenty of warning about the quality of the new iOS maps.

Throughout the iOS 6 beta testing period, developers filed bug requests and posted on internal discussion forums to inform Apple about problems existing with the new Maps app. Some developers even went as far as emailing specific Apple employees to call out the problems, although it is apparent that many of these same problems that plagued developers have also been experienced by the public. 

“I posted at least one doomsayer rant after each (developer) beta, and I wasn’t alone,” a developer with three iOS apps in the App Store told CNET. “The mood amongst the developers seemed to be that the maps were so shockingly bad that reporting individual problems was futile. What was needed wasn’t so much an interface for reporting a single point as incorrect, but for selecting an entire region and saying ‘all of this — it’s wrong.’”

Apple has been working hard to improve its new Maps app in light of the criticism it has received, reportedly placing employees on lockdown to fix the problems and hiring select retail employees to help work on some of the issues. Apple apologized for the whole situation late last month, unveiling an alternative maps list featuring App Store mapping solutions that can be used in the meantime.


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