Report: iPad Mini to be WiFi Only

With invitations potentially going out tomorrow for Apple’s rumored October event that will introduce the iPad Mini, as well as potential updates to its Macintosh lineup, a new report from The Guardian states that this smaller iPad will be WiFi-only, similar to the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD 7″. This limiation is interesting, and could serve as a distinction for the larger, more expensive current version, which boasts both 3G and 4G connectivity where available.

The Guardian also states that the current version could be revised this year to feature 4G connectivity in the UK, which it is currently lacking. Details are scarce, but I’d imagine that such an update would actually come next year, likely when the next iPad is launched. Apple typically aims their iPad launches to happen in late winter, or early spring.

Alongside these two new rumors, we reported earlier that the iPad Mini could even feature a design which is, in some aspects, superior to that of the current iPad. It’s possible that Apple is aiming the new iPad Mini to actually be the “entry-level” device, and introduce various features and perks to the larger version, effectively creating a “Pro” lineup – similar to their approach to the notebook computing market, with their Pro and Air lines.

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