Twitter Takes a Stand Against Patent Trolls

Twitter, a company currently engaged in active warfare with its base of developers which helped create the service by creating third-party clients which drew in users, is doing the right thing. Ben Lee, a legal analyst for Twitter, today wrote and published a guest-post on Giga Om in which he declared that “patent trolls,” those who purchase patents and then sue smaller developers who can’t hope to battle the charges in court and who are eventually forced to license the patent or go out of business all together, should bear the cost for frivolous lawsuits.

Twitter has long held the position that patents should be treated as something more than just a pawn in the continual warfare between these larger corporations and holding firms. In April of this year, Twitter published their internal policy regarding patents, known as the Innovator’s Patent Agreement. This policy also shows how they value intellectual property – they vow to never use patents invented by their engineers offensively, but only defensively against other parties acting aggressively.

I don’t get to say this often, but frankly: way to think, Twitter.

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