Microsoft’s Surface Launching October 26th at Midnight

Microsoft’s Surface RT tablet is coming, and coming relatively soon. According to various invites sent out to media outlets worldwide, Microsoft will be hosting an event on October 25th to celebrate Windows 8 and usher in the Surface tablet.

So, it’s officially official. After literally months of rumors and misinformation, Microsoft has given us a launch date. What’s still missing? Price, exact specifications, and overall availability, but it’s coming – and ¬†interest has actually been piqued. We’ll see how Microsoft handles this release, but I’m cautiously optimistic that they’ll get it right. After all, their entire company is riding on Windows 8, and maybe even the success of the Surface.

Also of note: this event is for the RT version only. The Pro version should be shipping in early 2013.

[The Verge]

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