Yield Issues Rumored to be Plaguing iPad Mini

Even as more rumors swirl about the heavily-rumored iPad Mini, with The Wall Street Journal even going so far as to proclaim that mass production has begun just a few days ago, various reports have come in stating that the iPad Mini is being impacted by poor yield rates in various components.

Specifically, the display seems to be giving suppliers issues – it’s been reported that the many displays have been below a satisfactory level, and one factory even missed their ship goal by more than a million units in the third quarter.

Many analysts are also forecasting this to be the reason why the iPad Mini is now rumored to launch in mid-November, as opposed to mid- to late-October, as previous rumors in September had suggested.

Perhaps, though this isn’t supported by any previous rumors, Apple is actually trying to push a higher DPI screen than was originally planned, and this is the cause of the quality issues. Just a thought, though that has happened in the past, particularly with the iPad 3.

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