Meet the Modbook: A 13″ Tablet Running Mac OS X Mountain Lion, Starting at $3,499

ModBook, a company who specialized in converting 13″ MacBook Pros to tablets in the pre-iPad days has now returned, and is offering to ship a product, which is essentially a customized MacBook Pro 13″ with a user-facing touch panel instead of the traditional LCD display.

An innovative tablet solution, the Modbook Pro transforms a new Apple MacBook Pro notebook-style computer into a tablet-style computer.

The ModBook is actually an interesting solution: many people (designers, for instance) love the extensibility of OS X, and actually require various applications in order to do their work. However, the touchscreen interface does make for a great tool in many cases, and the power of the MacBook Pro is particularly useful.

Starting at $3,499, this is most certainly not an iPad competitor – it’s a professional tool, with an exceedingly professional price. It’s a hack, but a brilliant one. Modbook is already stating that they’ve seen a great amount of demand, and are currently planning to begin fulfilling orders starting in early November.


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