Has Your Samsung Awareness Increased Due to Apple?

An interesting trend that I have noticed develop over the past year is the shift from Apple versus Android to Apple versus Samsung. While there are still arguments surrounding the iOS and Android operating systems in general, much of the focus has been planted on Samsung in particular. A contributing reason to Samsung emerging as one of Apple’s biggest rivals is the enormous patent war that has been waged between the two companies for almost two years, in addition to the fact that Samsung has released great products during that time period.

Perhaps another contributing reason to Samsung’s increased presence is the decline of other handset makers such as Nokia, HTC and BlackBerry maker RIM. The smartphone industry has essentially become a two horse race that involves Apple and Samsung, with the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S III in particular currently competing for supremacy. But, to some extent, it is obvious that Apple has played a significant role in the past few years in developing Samsung’s brand awareness; the numbers prove it and Samsung has even admitted that it enjoys the free press.

That being said, I am curious to hear what you think about Samsung and their current situation. Do you think that Samsung has increased its brand awareness, at least to a certain degree, because of its litigation and other involvement with Apple? Do you think that Samsung will continue to be the leading Android smartphone partner in the months and years to come, or will competitors including HTC and Google subsidiary Motorola Mobility increase the stakes and tighten the gap on the South Korean electronics maker? As usual, we’ll see you in the comments.

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