Samsung’s Galaxy S III Benefiting From Legal Battles With Apple

Even as Apple and Samsung continue to duke it out in the legal battlefield, a new report from web-analytics firm Localytics paints an interesting picture for Samsung: during the weeks directly after the decision, Samsung’s flagship actually sold more than it had previously been.

There are two ways of looking at this; first off, the obvious one. That would be that Apple’s victory was seen by the market as a negative side-affect of them abusing the patent system, and so therefore people wanted to support the defeated party. In this case, that would mean buying the latest smartphone from Samsung, which happens to be the Galaxy S III. That makes sense, though it would be overlooking a few other pertinent facts.

The second perspective is that this is simply due to the large (scratch that, ridiculous) amounts of press Samsung (and Apple) received over the decision. News stations, websites, and radio stations across the world were reporting on this – and any publicity is good publicity. The simple fact that the Galaxy S III brand was pushed alongside Samsung’s would suggest that consumers who were looking for a new smartphone may have sprung on it. In the same way, Apple may have seen an uptick in iPhone 4S sales during the same time period for the same reasons; however, it’s more difficult to tell, and this report doesn’t even try.

Also worth noting: Samsung apparently experienced an uptick in sales of the Galaxy S III directly after the iPhone 5 was announced last month. Again, this is likely due to people who were waiting to see the iPhone 5 unveiled before making a decision, and who decided (for whatever reason) to go with the Galaxy S III.


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