Purported iPad Mini Photos Leak

Several photos, via UkranianiPhone, of what is supposedly an iPad Mini have hit the interwebs today. The photos depict a device which seems to fit the latest round of speculation. In other words, the device is noticeably thinner, with the bezel on the sides being thinner (more in the style of the iPod touch than the current iPad), but still being the same 4:3 aspect ratio of the current iPad.

If the photos are legitimate, it seems that the device will be shipping in Apple’s staple colors of black and white, just as the iPhone and iPad currently do. This signifies that Apple doesn’t consider the product to be “for children,” as they seem to with the iPod lineup which comes in various colors.

The iPad Mini is rumored to be unveiled this month, and shipping in early November. The device is also rumored to feature 7.8″ screen, which makes is larger than current 7″ tablets, and will be powered by either an A5X or an A6 SoC. It will likely go on sale for $199 at the low-end, with more options and capacities being available as the price increases.


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