’s Pricing Becomes Reasonable’s Pricing Becomes Reasonable, the anti-Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ has long been criticized for having unrealistic and unreasonable pricing. $50 a year, many argued, was simply too much to pay for an untried service which may or may not even last a year.

They’ve seemed to heard this outcry, and have adapted accordingly. First off, an explanation of the service: is a social network without ads. It’s goal is to remain wholly supported by paying members. This is in stark contrast with the direction that Twitter is flying, and with what both Facebook and Google+ have been using for years. The service closely resembles Twitter, in that it focuses around microblogging.

The pricing changes, which should be compared against the previous $50 yearly subscription, are as follows:

  • $36 yearly subscription
  • $5 monthly subscription

The monthly subscription, in particular, will likely help to promote the service for many users, as they will be able to try it out. What do you think? Will this be enough to push over the edge?

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