Duo Gamer Releasing a Wireless Controller for iOS Devices


Apple’s newest iPod touch may be the most fun iPod they’ve ever created, but hardcore gamers will definitely say that the lack of hardware controls is a major drawback for the iOS platform.

Duo Gamer hopes to present a solution to this problem, with its NES-esque controller. Featuring wireless connectivity (presumably via BlueTooth 4), the controller looks to be one of the first quality third-party devices to hit the market. However, it will be shipping for $79.99 – quite a high price for a relatively low-tech device. It’s also not going to support every game. Obviously, third party developers will be compelled to update their games to support the controller. Currently, it boasts support for fairly high-profile titles, such as NOVA, Asphalt 7: Heat, and Brothers In Arms 2. The device is available for sale from Amazon here.

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