Now Hear This: The Critical Path, Episode 56

Described as a “talk show contemplating the causality of success and failure in mobile computing,” The Critical Path offers insight from some of the most intelligent personalities in the mobile computing industry. It’s an excellent show, hosted by Horace Dediu of Asymco – the man behind the consistently accurate and bold charts and graphs which we often post here. In this episode, he’s joined by James Allworth, who has been featured in such prestigious publications as the Harvard Business Review with his interesting article, “Who Cares If Samsung Copied Apple.”

While most every episode of The Critical Path is worth listening to for fans of technology in general, I found episode 56, titled “Strategic Disadvantages: A discussion with James Allworth” to possess a caliber of discussion rarely seen in any medium outside of the best writing. Be warned: it’s nerdy, it’s business-centric, but it poses various long-term, encompassing questions that can be applied to not just Apple, but every player in the mobile market – and some you wouldn’t expect.

As a teaser of just a fragment of what they discuss, who’s a bigger threat to Apple, in the long-term: Samsung, or Apple’s own suppliers? That’s discussed in the episode, and the answer may be surprising.

The show runs for an hour and eight minutes, so it can be listened to on a drive, or even just on a walk. Podcasts can be downloaded from iTunes, or from the site itself. You can use any number of app to listen to a podcast, though Apple does have its own, which tends to work well enough for casual listening.

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