How Could Apple Improve the iPod Touch?

An iPod touch without a Wi-Fi antenna window in the top-right corner

The colorful fifth-generation iPod touch doesn’t even launch until next month, but iFans forum member iBenji is already talking about improvements that Apple could make to a future iPod touch model. For starters, he is disappointed that Apple brought back the Wi-Fi antenna window on the back of the iPod touch, a return to the design of the first three generations of the device. On top of that, he touches upon how Apple could improve the pricing tier of the various iPod touch models and offer better color combinations.

Other users have already chimed in with additional input, noting that an A6 chip, more RAM, a better camera, FM radio and GPS would be welcomed features on the iPod touch. A flattened camera lens, the removal of the new iPod touch loop, an even larger screen and cellular connectivity — 3G, perhaps 4G LTE — are also wanted features on the iPod touch. Without making the iPod touch too similar to the iPhone, which features would you like to see in a future generation of the device? Agree with one of the features already mentioned? We’ll see you in the comments.

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