What Do You Think of the New App Store Design?

Apple’s App Store redesign has been live for everyone since iOS 6 launched. While initial support for the new design was few and far between, it seems that most people are at least tolerating the new design. There are various reasons why the new design is actually slightly less useful (particularly the search function, which only shows one app at a time instead of the traditional, tried-and-true list view) than the one found in iOS 5.

The App Store’s main purpose should be to facilitate the discovery and purchase of new apps. It should highlight the best, and bury the worst for the various categories of apps. So, with that in mind, how is this new design working for you? Is the revamped search function a bonus or a hindrance? Does the new layout make it easier to find great apps, or is it simply eye candy? Sound off in the comments!

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