Free App! Uzu Kinetic Multitouch Particle Visualizer

Guys. A free app. Not only is it free, it’s crazy cool. I first saw it earlier today and thought ‘eh’, it’s just another one of those colorful particle physics games that gets old after a few minutes. But no. I saw a video of it and realized it’s a little better than that, and promptly downloaded it.

It’s called Uzu, and it’s for the iPad. You touch the screen and all sorts of wild things happen, from making little firework displays to charging up a kinetic ball that looks like something Goku would use in a fight. Yes, you heard me right. Goku.

Please, do yourself a favor and download it. It’s usually $2.99, but it is free for the weekend. As I’m typing this, I’ve found¬†approximately¬†a bajillion more cool things that I can do with it.


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