Apple Unveils an Alternative Map Section on the App Store

In addition to Apple CEO Tim Cook’s apology, Apple has pushed out another section in the App Store which highlights alternative mapping solutions. Currently, the section lists Waze, MapQuest, MotionX GPS Drive, among others. Some of these are paid solutions, while others are free.

Cook’s letter highlights Bing, MapQuest, and Waze as possible alternatives to the built-in app. It also mentions the web versions of both Google and Nokia’s mapping products as worth checking out. Between all of these, it’s hard to not find a worthy replacement for Apple’s maps.

It is unusual for Apple to promote apps which replace their own. This likely attests to the fact that Apple does realize they have failed to reach the level of quality they usually achieve. However, this isn’t a completely unique event for the company – notable issues include the launch of MobileMe alongside iPhone OS 2.0 and the iPhone 3G. In that case, Apple’s officials were reportedly furious, though the service did improve rather dramatically.

Personally, I expect Apple to fix the maps rather rapidly, especially after they themselves have highlighted the problems so prominently to the public.

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