Busted, Motorola: 315 E 15th Street Doesn’t Even Exist

Earlier this month, Motorola attempted to take advantage of the highly criticized Maps app in iOS 6 by launching a social advertising campaign that shows an iPhone delivering an incorrect search result for an address in Manhattan. And while the new Maps app certainly does have its share of problems, this is not one of them. In fact, the only reason why the iPhone experiences difficulty locating 315 E 15th Street in Manhattan is because that address doesn’t even exist; in reality, there is a public park space that occupies the address that Motorola uses to mock Apple and the new Maps app on iPhone.

Moreover, the new Maps app on iPhone can actually locate the address anyways if you include the New York City borough of Manhattan in your search query. Apple can also accurately display the location of 318 E 15th Street, a real address that is currently occupied by a large building on the opposite side of the street. So, in reality, Motorola is the one to mock in this instance for blaming Apple for a problem that doesn’t even exist. Perhaps the folks at Motorola, a wholly owned subsidiary of Google, should focus on advertising the Droid RAZR M and Android experience overall before making ridiculous claims against Apple.


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