AntiTint: Remove the Colored Status Bar

Jailbroken? Dislike Apple’s UI decision to make the status bar take on the color of whatever the app uses? There’s a solution for you: thanks to Ryan Petrich, AntiTint is available for the low price of free, but only to those who are willing to use the currently-tethered jailbreak for iOS 6, which is only available to devices effected by the limera1n exploit.

Furthermore, the current version of redsn0w doesn’t automatically install Cydia, so you can install AntiTint via your favorite SSH client by typing in:

apt-getĀ installĀ com.rpetrich.antitint

Once installed, the tweak simply removes the gradient of color located on the status bar under iOS 6. It’s a relatively small tweak, though useful in certain cases, such as those with poor eye-sight.

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