Updated Geekbench App Shows iPhone 5 Running at 1.3 GHz

Today, Geekbench released an update to their iOS app that supposedly helped to better detect that A6 chip in the iPhone 5. While previous benchmarks pegged the A6 at 1.01 GHz, this new update shows the iPhone 5 running at a smooth 1.3 GHz. This bump in clock speed, along with the custom-designed CPU cores, could help explain the large performance increase.

The information isn’t conclusive, and it’s possible that this update actually is misrepresenting the clock speed because of a bug somewhere in the code. Regardless, it seems at least possible that this is accurate data, and that the iPhone 5 is clocked higher than we originally thought. However, we really need more data. So, readers: anyone with an iPhone 5 willing to grab the app, run the benchmark, and post a screenshot of their findings?


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