Should Apple Have Waited Until iOS 7 to Launch its Maps App?

Apple’s new Maps application has ignited quite a controversy since it launched a few weeks ago as part of the iOS 6 software update for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The cloud-based service has come under fire by iOS device owners for its lack of public transportation information, incorrect search results and poor mapping coverage in several areas, although Apple has promised that the app will improve over time.

Today, a new report surfaced on The Verge that claims Apple still had over one year left in its Google Maps contract; interesting, since Apple could have waited until its new Maps app was more polished before releasing it to the public prematurely. What do you think? Should Apple waited until the launch of iOS 7 — presumably next year — before releasing its own in-house mapping solution?

The sudden decision by Apple to drop Google Maps in iOS reportedly came as a shock to Google, which still has several months to go before it finalizes its own App Store edition of Google Maps for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Google is likely to include its own 3D mapping in its Google Maps app, similar to what Google Earth already offers on iOS devices.

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