Apps Optimized for iPhone 5′s 4-Inch Display — Yep, Instagram Makes the List

Last night, popular photo sharing app Instagram was updated with support for the new 4-inch Retina display on iPhone 5. Less than a week after the iPhone 5 was released, developers are still moving quickly to update their apps to support the taller iPhone screen. Sometimes, the app is simply optimized to fit the 4-inch screen; in other cases, the developer opts to make an entirely new user interface with that take advantage of the extra space.

iFans has compiled an ever growing list of apps that have been optimized for the 4-inch display on iPhone 5. It’s also important to note that the new iPod touch, slated for release next month, also packs the exact same 4-inch Retina display that the iPhone 5 has. So, consider these apps compatible with that device as well. For starters, the entire series of native apps by Apple — from the App Store to Messages — has been updated for the 4-inch display. Then there are popular third-party apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Chrome and Temple Run and Instagram. The rest of the list is just ahead. 

Apps optimized for 4-inch Retina display

  1. Apple native apps
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Tumblr
  4. Evernote
  5. Enigmo
  6. Enigmo 2
  7. Amazing Spiderman
  8. Order and Chaos
  9. Facebook
  10. Pinterest
  11. Twitter
  12. Minecraft – Pocket Edition
  13. Tiny Tower
  14. Agent Dash
  15. Blast-A-Way
  16. W.E.L.D.E.R.
  17. Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy
  18. Happy Street
  19. Battle Nations
  20. SpellTower
  21. Siegecraft
  22. Hay Day
  23. Clash of Clans
  24. Nanosaur 2
  25. Bag It! HD
  26. Touch Hockey 2
  27. Stardom: The A-List
  28. WildBlood
  29. Asphalt 7
  30. Lili
  31. Rayman Run
  32. DJay
  33. Magic Piano
  34. Zombie Run
  35. Good Reader
  36. Temple Run
  37. FlipBoard
  38. Instagram
  39. Slingshot Racing
  40. Path
  41. NY Times
  42. Skitch
  43. Brushes 3
  44. Comics
  45. TED
  46. Color Splash
  47. DocuSign Ink
  48. Foodspotting
  49. Pocket
  50. Diptic
  51. Red Stamp Cards
  52. GroupMe
  53. KAYAK Pro
  54. Clear
  55. Readability
  56. Layout
  57. Flock
  58. Weather 2x
  59. Reeder
  60. Corkulous Pro
  61. Byword
  62. Halftone
  63. Bean Bag Kids
  64. Video Star
  65. Word Lens
  66. iTranslate Voice
Coming Soon:
  1. Sparrow
If you know any other apps that have been optimized for the 4-inch Retina display, let us know in the comments and we’ll add it to the list above.
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