Intel CEO: Microsoft Shipping Windows 8 Before It Should

Intel’s CEO Paul Otellini doesn’t appear to be a fan of Microsoft’s new OS, saying in a meeting with employees that Microsoft is pushing Windows 8 “before it’s fully ready,” and that improvements still need to be made to the software before it hits the public. These improvements can’t happen, as Windows 8 hit the RTM (released to manufacturing) in mid-August, and was under a code-freeze well before that.

It’s unclear exactly what is meant by Otellini: given his background and the company he works for, it seems likely that he is referencing the underlying drivers and compatibility in Windows 8 with various aspects of hardware. It’s also possible that he prefers the traditional desktop to Microsoft’s new The-Artist-Formerly-Known-As-Metro interface. Regardless, time will tell, though it’s possible that not all has been revealed about Windows 8. I’m not betting on a repeat of Windows Vista, though Windows 8 may not live up to the success that previous versions have achieved. Windows 8 will likely not have widespread support from the enterprise market, thanks to the new UI paradigms: businesses don’t like change. And Windows 8 could take time to gather traction with home consumers, as the iPad and other tablets such as the new Kindle Fires suck the wind out of the Windows parachute.


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