Phil Schiller: Scratches and Scuffs on iPhone 5 Are “Normal”

Last week, it was discovered that — as you would expect — the anodized aluminum backing on the new iPhone 5 is more susceptible to scratches than the glass design used on previous iPhone models. One early adopter of the iPhone 5 decided to email Apple’s Senior VP of Marketing Phil Schiller to discover why this issue was occuring and if the company would be addressing the problem. Schiller responded this morning, offering the following statement:

Any aluminum product may scratch or chip with use, exposing its natural silver color. That is normal.

Despite its relatively low scratch resistance, the anodized aluminum design is lighter and thinner than the iPhone 4 glass design and provides better protection against drops. The tradeoff might seem worth it to some users, but others are complaining about their new black and slate iPhone 5 showing the metallic aluminum already, and opting to return or exchange the device for a white model instead.


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