Have You Ever Dropped Your iPhone?

Purchasing a new Apple product can be a very exciting experience, especially if it involves taking part in launch day festivities. iFans forum member Kyle Hultgren was an early adopter of the iPhone 5, although his fortune took a turn for the worse on Saturday, just one day after the smartphone launched, when he dropped his brand new iPhone, pictured above, on the way to watch American rock band The Expendables. Hultgren had already ordered an OtterBox case to protect his investment, but it did not arrive in time to prevent this accident from occuring.

Hultgren, like many other iPhone users, now has limited options in terms of what he can do to fix the broken screen. For starters, no third-party repair services carry replacement displays for the iPhone 5 because the device is brand new. Another option is sending the iPhone to Apple, although it can cost upwards of $200 to fix the display. Apple does cover accidental damage as part of its revamped AppleCare+ protection plan, for a less expensive fee, although proof must be shown that an iPhone does not have existing damage when purchasing this plan within the eligible time period.

Fortunately, Hultgren enjoyed the band he went to watch and can rest assured that he is not the only person that has been victimized by a shattered or damaged iPhone. We’ve seen our fair share of broken iPods, iPhones and iPads here at iFans over the years, and we imagine that there are even more horror stories that we have yet to hear about from our members. So, we’ll ask you — have you ever dropped or damaged your iPhone or other Apple device? Feel free to share photos of the damage your devices have taken, no matter how long ago it happened. Just try to hold back the tears.

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