App Pack: Bathroom Break Edition

Here’s a set of apps for those of you with an insanely short attention span, or a need to always be using your gadget no matter where you are. They can all be picked up and played in seconds and have zero learning curve, just 100% pure gaming.

Doodle Jump

Doodle Jump is an obvious pick, and one of the greatest iPhone games ever created. If you haven’t already bought this game, you are really missing out. For those of you who don’t already know, the game is about a vertically challenged alien who has to hop from platform to platform to try to get as high as he can, dodging monsters along the way. $.99 well spent.

Mr. Space!!

Mr. Space is a fast paced game where you try to keep your stick figure from getting squashed by running left and right into small openings. It starts out easy, but quickly gets more difficult. It’s made by the same company that created Mr. AahH, another addictive game based on getting into tight spots.


geoSpark is a colorful wireframe game reminiscent of the Geometry Wars series, but can be played one handed – perfect for the bathroom. You have to drag like-colored shapes into each other to build up a combo without crashing into another type. The larger your combo gets, the more gravity it has, making staying away from enemy shapes more difficult.


Byline is not a game, but rather an excellent RSS reader for your 21st century news reading needs. It can sync with Google and Instapaper, and even has offline support. The interface is great, and has gesture support to navigate through different items. There is a free ad supported version, or a full version for $4.99. The newest version has been updated with iOS4 support and multitasking.

If you’re on the throne and would like something else to do (pun intended) then these games are solid choices. Most are constantly updated with new features (Doodle Jump especially) so while they may seem like oldies on the outside, they are still fresh as ever on the inside.

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