Create your own font with iFontMaker

I’ve been looking for a way to make my beautiful handwriting into a font for a while now, and while there are web-based solutions, most charge you for every set you download. iFontMaker is $7.99 ($5.99 until July 7th!) and allows you to make as many as you want, and only takes a few minutes.

The app is extremely well designed and easy to use, so you can get started straight away; just use your finger or a stylus to create the glyph. There is a complete set of glyphs from A to Z, 0-9, and a ton of other characters. You can even make Japanese, Spanish or Greek letters.

There are toggle switches for the background grid and ruler, and three different ‘tracing’ fonts to help guide you. The app has three different brushes: paint, calligraphy, or pen, with 70 thicknesses. (1.0-8.0). There is an undo/redo button to fix mistakes, and a copy/paste option.

You can save multiple fonts from within the app, and make changes to them as you wish. In the font settings, you can change the Title, Author, and different font metrics like the descender, ascender, spacing, etc, to customize the font further.

When you are finished you can either email a PDF of the font to someone, or convert it to a TrueType Font using If you choose the convert it, you will need an internet connection to connect to the 2TTF servers. The process only takes around ten seconds, and when it has completed, you can either view the link or email the font to someone. Every font you make is stored online and can be made public for others to view. A nifty feature is the ability to generate the @font-face CSS3 code to use the font on your website, which is handy for web developers.

Anyone with an iPad who wants to create their own handwritten font should check out this app. I can’t think of anything that has been left out that the average user will miss, and the fonts can be used for almost any application across all operating systems. Web-based solutions are tedious and don’t offer anywhere near the flexibility, and cost more even if you only make one font. iFontMaker is on sale for $5.99 until July 7th, so get it while it’s hot. You can download my font, TreyType, here.


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