Sound Off: What Do You Think of the iPhone 5?

It’s here – the iPhone 5 is arriving at doorsteps across the world even as people in line are receiving theirs from the various retail stores. But is it worth it? The iPhone 5 has been universally reviewed as an excellent device, one which does seem to move the smartphone industry forward. The new design, which takes the iconic iPhone 4/4S design and refines it with various touches making it nicer than ever to hold and use every day, seems to be a homerun, and the larger, higher-quality screen also seems to be garnering support from reviewers and developers alike.

However, there is another side to this story: some say the new iPhone is boring - that it’s an iterative design when what we all really want is a groundbreaking advancement. Regardless, those are opinions held by various bloggers and journalists: the opinions that truly matter are Apple’s customers. And so I ask you, iFans, how do you like the iPhone 5? Is it everything you wanted? Is it a massive update, or more on the evolutionary side? Is LTE the greatest thing since bacon, or is it the larger screen that makes the experience that much better? Sound off in the comments!

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