Just In Time: Google Maps App for iOS Supposedly Coming Soon

Update: Jim Dalrymple is calling this rumor false, sharing one of his infamous one-liners in regards to the rumor: “Nope.” While his quote of the 9to5mac piece is in regard to the entire idea that Google has submitted a mapping app to Apple, his title is notable more specific: if his title is to be believed, the idea that Apple is holding up a Google Maps app is wrong, while there could actually be an app on the way.

Despite iOS 6 being an overall fantastic release, the one large thorn in the side of an otherwise great product is also one of the highlights: Apple’s custom mapping solution isn’t as good as what was in place since the original iPhone. Their maps lack detail, and (in some cases) are just plain wrong. Apple’s solution is currently so bad that it’s become a meme, complete with a Tumblr page posting images that show off its weakest points.

However, there is potentially an end in sight. Google has submitted its own native maps app to Apple for review, and it should be approved within the next few days as long as it follows the rules. This news comes by way of two sources. First, The Guardian says that they’ve heard from “sources” that Google is hoping to have their app approved in time for the iPhone 5 rush (likely the coming week, as preorders hit hands and stores replenish stock). In addition to the guardian, both TechCrunch and 9to5mac have had seperate reports stating that they’ve heard of Google working on a native maps app.

However, the final bit of evidence comes from a well-known iOS developer with a history of having great sources: Steve Troughton-Smith tweeted the following in response to The Guardian‘s story:

The “yep” reference is directed towards Jim Dalrymple of The Loop, who is famous for “confirmingrumors and speculation with a succinct ”yep.” I’d consider it a done deal. I also believe that Apple will let the app through, if it does truly follow their rules. Apple has no reason to block it, especially considering that such an app would nearly eliminate any controversy surrounding their own mapping solution as they build it up to better compete with Google. In that regard, Apple may even rush this app through their process – my larger fear is that the app will be similar to Google’s GMail app, which is literally a wrapper for their web client. Hopefully this follows the format of Google+ and their new YouTube app.

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