iOS 6 Hits Phenomenal Levels of Usage in First 24 Hours


Despite “Mapgate” (yes, I’m coining that term, which is defined as massive outrage, be it legitimate or fake, over Apple’s in-place swap of Google Maps with their own custom solution), iOS 6 adoption has been stunning, if web statistics are to be believed.

Chitika states that iOS 6′s share of overall iOS web traffic grew to more than 15%. For comparison, Android 4.1.1 has reached only 1.5% ┬ásince its release two months ago. It is worth noting that web traffic statistics are biased in favor of those who are most active with their devices – so, naturally, it’s easy to reason that iOS 6′s actual marketshare is slightly less than 15%, as those who update are often the ones who browse the web most often (this logic can also be applied to Android’s web browsing numbers, as well).

Regardless, it seems that iOS 6 will quickly become the de facto standard, and it proves just how well Apple is able to update one of the largest computing platforms on Earth – especially when compared to other platforms. Apple’s message seems to be clear: if you want to be on the latest OS, you want an iDevice.

And just wait until the iPhone 5 is available anywhere.


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