OS X 10.8.2 Released, Includes Facebook Integration, Better Battery Life

In addition to iOS 6 dropping today, Mac OS X 10.8.2 was also released to the public. The update to Mountain Lion includes a surprising amount of new features – many of which were announced back at WWDC, but were delayed due to either their integration with iOS 6, or (in the case of Facebook) of just not being ready – for a point update.

Included in this release is the Facebook integration. This includes the ability to import contacts, information, and photos from Facebook and in to Apple’s Contacts app. It also includes the ability to use a Facebook sign-on for apps that support it, similar to Twitter’s sign-on API that Apple supports in both OS X and iOS. In as few words as possible, it works, and is nice if you’re a fan of Facebook.

Other changes include Facebook and Twitter integration in to Game Center, Power Nap being added to the MacBook Air (2010 model), integration of iMessage in to the Mac (i.e., iMessages sent to a phone number will also appear on your Mac), as well as the typical slew of stability updates across Mac models.

Also worth noting is the much improved battery life: Apple was able to return the battery levels of Macs to the numbers not seen since 10.6.8, which is very impressive. The battery life of the later Snow Leopard releases has long been considered some of the best in the notebook world. Be sure to jump in to the Mac App Store and check for updates to download this latest release!

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