Apple Won’t Make a Dock for the iPhone 5

An official Apple docking station is available for the iPhone 4 with the 30-pin dock connector

Despite having a brand new Lightning dock connector, Apple executive Phil Schiller has reportedly confirmed that the company will not be producing an official docking accessory for the new iPhone 5. In an email response to a customer question, Schiller claims that most people who dock their iPhone will use a speaker or clock system.

“We do not plan on making a dock for the iPhone,” wrote Apple Senior VP of Marketing Phil Schiller. “Most people who use docks use them with speaker or clock systems.”

I have used Apple’s official docking station to charge my iPhone 4 for several months, so this will certainly be an inconvenience to me when I inevitably upgrade to the iPhone 5. Fortunately, there should be a similar third-party offering available sans the speaker and clock system that Schiller speaks of. I don’t need a dock for playing music or telling me the time, but rather just for the convenience of charging my iPhone on my desk next to my iMac and MacBook Pro.


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