HP: Apple “Taught us that Design Really Matters”

HP’s CEO, Meg Whittman, stated in an interview that Apple’s success highlighted how important design is in the computing space:

As part of her plan, Ms. Whitman is counting on better-looking PCs, hoping her company might one day rival Apple Inc. as the industry’s standard bearer for sleek design…”I don’t think we kept up with the innovation,” said the 56-year-old CEO. “The whole market has moved to something that is more beautiful… Apple taught us that design really matters,” she said. “I think we’ve made a lot of progress.”

It’s hard to disagree, given that Apple is currently the most valuable company in the world. However, there’s always the obvious retort that HP’s idea of designing is simply copying Apple’s more successful designs. I suppose one has to start somewhere, and given the damage HP’s former CEO Leo Apotheker did to their PC divisions by laying off many of their most important employees.

Strong competition on the high-end from Apple, and on the low-end by Asian manufacturers such as Asus, Lenovo, and Acer have so far proven to much for HP, as they have continuously slipped in nearly every stastistical measurement.

[The WSJ]

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