The Fifth-Generation iPod Touch is ‘Something New’

I’ll admit that I’ve been growing bored of Apple. So that’s why I’m a huge fan of the new iPod touch, just because it is “something new” in the Apple landscape. The iPod touch has generally had the same form factor since the original model was released over five years ago, but Apple finally took a radical departure from that design and went with something entirely fresh and exciting with the fifth-generation device.

The new iPod touch comes in a variety of colors, breaking away from the traditional scratch-prone, chrome backing that previous models have always had. The iPhone’s fifth-generation younger sibling also packs a 5-megapixel camera and dual-core A5 processor, two huge improvements that make the iPod touch an even more powerful mobile gaming device and superior replacement for your old digital camera.

Moreover, the new iPod touch finally supports Siri, our favorite personal assistant, and has a smaller Lightning docking port in lieu of the legacy 30-pin dock connector. While the fifth-generation iPod touch might have seen a price jump to $299, it’s still incredibly worth it to dish out that much for such a powerful, tiny device that delivers multipurpose functionality. I’m excited again.

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