Ridiculous People: Thief Drives BMW Into Apple Store During Smash-and-Grab, But Gets Stuck

Some people in this world just have no common sense whatsoever. Not only did suspected thief Equonne Howard drive his BMW — ironically, it’s reportedly not stolen — into an Apple Store in Temecula, California, but the security gates appeared to have closed behind him and blocked his car from getting out of the retail location. After a number of failed attempts at backing his luxury car into the security gate in an attempt to break it, Howard and his accomplice eventually fled on foot with a sizable collection of stolen iPhones and iPads at hand.

While it’s already humorous enough that Howard trapped the BMW inside the Apple retail location, it becomes even funnier when you discover that the thief returned to the scene later that night in what is believed to be an attempt to retrieve his license plates that were dismantled during the heist. Howard must not have suspected that police would still be at the scene, or that his entire actions were caught on security tape footage, but he sure found out quickly when he was arrested by authorities upon his return. Nevertheless, Howard pleaded not guilty on Wednesday. Smart. Surveillance footage is ahead.


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