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The NFL has kicked off with a big boom. Now you can join the kick off with a punt of your very own, but you’ll have to wait until you learn how to kick that field goal with supreme accuracy. Still not enough? Then put yourself against the clock. NFL Kicker puts you into the strong foot of an NFL kicker, do you have what it takes?  


Kicker 13 is a new installment of Full Fat’s kicking game. They stick to a similar setup of Flick Quarterback, but add some additional features. For starters, you can upgrade your stadium as well as suit up your player with new equipment like shoes and other things, you know.

The game remains a fun, arcade pick-up-and-play game that is sure to pass the time quickly in an inefficient fashion. There are three game modes for users to embark on: a field goal mode, a punting mode, and a time attack mode. Each mode has a separate mission.

Scoring points in each mode is determined by a gold, silver, blue, red fashion.

Field Goal: Kick the ball through the uprights, but also create chain combos for going for gold! Don’t miss the field goal though, 3 misses and you’re done. Messed up? Create a streak of 6 gold kicks and you’ll be given a free ball. Want to taunt it up? Get 7 gold kicks in a row! As your kick count goes up, so does the wind; compensate.

You just hit lucky 7! Celebration time.

Punting: Coffin corner the 10 balls you are given as close to the endzone without having it go into the endzone. You score iff the ball bounces out of bounds. This mode is all about accuracy. It’s not easy to do this in real life, it’s just about as hard in the game.

Time Attack: Speed is now taken into consideration as you have to do things in a quick and timely fashion with good accuracy. Speed is key in this mode; it’s good for a quick play if you’re strapped for time.

Each game contains a number powerups that users can use. These powerups aren’t free though, each one costs about 1000 coins. Coins can be gained (at an incredibly slow rate) in-game by playing or being purchased through in-app purchases. Additionally, in each mode, you can swipe the ball while in air to give it a nice nudge towards a different direction, just in case you messed up your initial kick.

Powerups can be used if you’re still not confident in your kick, it’ll cost you though.

The games are fun, and a great time killer. The game runs pretty smoothly overall, similar to the Flick Quarterback game they had, but to a lesser extent. The game suffers from a fatal memory call that crashes the springboard at random times; it’s quite annoying when you’re 100k past your high score and see the spinning circle.

Gameplay: ★★★★½


The graphics in the game have an arcade feel to them, as does the game in general. It’s not to say it’s bad, but the colors are bright and vibrant, but not made to look 100% realistic. The imagery is clear as a bell with good detailing overall. Even close up, you can see that the textures used may be solid, but work very well no matter how zoomed. Frame rates are smooth overall though.

The in-game graphics are very crisp and clear.

Graphics: ★★★★★


The game contains a nice fast paced background music to get the blood flowing through you. If you aren’t excited to kick a ball around, this music well help you get to that state. Besides that though, the sound effects really take over. They are abundant and in good quality. Kicks, swipes, and even an announcer to tell you how you’re doing and when wind picks up are easily heard.

Audio: ★★★★★


Gamecenter for achievements and high scores are included with the game, but these never motivated me to keep playing. Luckily, Full Fat has included a way to use coins to upgrade your player’s swag as well as the stadium you’ll play in. The game has a nice addictive quality to it. All is good and dandy until you run into the frequent crashes in the game. I cringe every time I see the spinning circle.

Money doesn’t have to be spent on powerups, you can also upgrade your swag.

Replay: ★★★★


Kicker 13 is a full featured, time-killing arcade game that will inefficiently take up your time from the important things like homework and a social life (not really). It has a quality gameplay fused together with good audio and superb graphics. All of this would be well worth the one dollar price tag, but unfortunately the crashes are inexcusable, especially when they force the iPod to respring.

Value: ★★★★

Final Thoughts

NFL Kicker 13 is a fun game, I will have to admit that myself. I like the multiple game types that puts you in just about every position an NFL kicker could find himself in, but with an arcade twist. The crashes are disappointing, but can easily be fixed in an update. I prefer to throw the ball though and play quarterback, but it’s fun to kick one too; you can always kick further than you can throw anyways.

Overall Score


NFL Kicker 13

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